Meet Chris and Kristen Thorkelson

Kristen was first introduced to Call to Freedom five years ago at our annual CommUnity Breakfast.  That day, she heard from survivors and as a mom of two young children, she felt moved to get involved because she just couldn’t believe this was happening in the community she had lived in her entire life.  As Kristen became more involved, so did Chris.  When CTF stepped out in faith to begin the construction of Marissa’s Housing Project, Chris knew he needed to step up to help since this was an area that their company (Lloyd Companies) specialized in.  As volunteers, they have come to realize that human trafficking is a major problem in our community, survivors are brave and strong and it takes the community to help fight to end human trafficking.  Volunteering has given them the chance to serve the survivors and made them more aware of the challenges and issues we face as a society with respect to human trafficking.  Chris and Kristen were instrumental in CTF surpassing the fundraising goal of $1.84 million for Marissa’s Housing Project in record time.  Thank you both for co-chairing the fundraising efforts for Marissa’s Housing Project and to Kristen for serving as our Board of Directors Chair.