We believe in the power of prayer. Support Call to Freedom with these essential prayer points in your prayer groups, bible studies, church communities, or your own daily prayer:

  • Victims and Survivors: For victims of abuse/violence, especially for youth in our community who are vulnerable to becoming the next victims. For survivors who have been rescued and are recovering from server trauma. Pray for healing of the body, mind, and spirit, allowing true freedom from this terrible victimization.
  • Those who are buying and selling victims: For all who have fallen into this dark world of purchasing victims for financial gain.  Pray their hearts will be changed and for an awakening of their spirit to stop their actions and turn to Jesus for forgiveness and healing.  Pray Jesus would remove them from their situation and their ability to enclave others ever again.
  • Law Enforcement and Political Legislation: For all of the law enforcement and front-line providers who rescue victims of human trafficking and seek to find them help for recovery.  Also, for our state legislators, attorneys, and the Governor to pass laws to help protect and prevent human trafficking and to heighten laws against those who purchase and sell.
  • The Community: For greater awareness that this problem exists in our community and to act when they see the signs.  For the body of Christ to intervene, to pray, serve, and support this fight financially.
  • Staff and Volunteers: For staff and volunteers who work with victims and survivors, for protection, wisdom, strength, and discernment to know how to act and help each individual client.