Marissa’s House is an 12-unit apartment complex that supports the recovery of human trafficking survivors and keeps their families together.  We have found — through both research and our work — that creating a safe environment where individuals can be supported and find stability is necessary for successful long term transitions out of a trafficking situation.  This house aims to meet the needs of survivors who wish to receive the support of CTF during their recovery but are also focused on healthy families.

Not only are women offered shelter, but they also have access to other supportive services. Our ultimate goal is for clients to transition into productive and self-sufficient members of our community.  The secure complex offers 6 one-bedroom, 3 two-bedroom, and 3 three-bedroom units for survivors and their children.  Often, this is the first place they have been able to call their own in a long time.  The apartments are fully furnished and made to be as comforting as possible to welcome them out of their trafficking situation.

The Story

The story began in August of 2015 when Becky Rasmussen traveled into the heart of the Sturgis Bike rally in South Dakota. At the rally, she had an encounter with a young teenage girl named Marissa.  This encounter set the wheels in motion for Call to Freedom to become its own 501(c)3 nonprofit and for the implementation of Marissa’s Project.