Who We Are

Sex and labor trafficking trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation occur at growing rates across the United States, including in the state of South Dakota. Several intersecting factors, including extreme poverty, geographic isolation, and homelessness, result in high levels of victimization across the state. Call to Freedom is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in South Dakota dedicated to bringing wholeness to all individuals impacted by sex and labor trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

Founded in 2016, Call to Freedom hired its first full-time staff member in 2018 and has grown to 29 full-time staff united by their passion for ensuring survivors of trafficking and exploitation are believed and supported by their community. Staff members bring decades of experience combatting violence and providing community-based services and include previous South Dakota Department of Corrections staff, social workers, law enforcement, and addiction recovery specialists.

The majority of our direct service staff had worked with Call to Freedom in their prior roles as community-based service providers and joined call to Freedom because of their passion for its holistic, person-centered approach. Our staff are uniquely positioned to serve trafficking survivors, given their experience working with people who have experienced trauma, responding to crisis situations, and identifying community resources available within the Sioux Falls community and across South Dakota.

Call To Freedom Statement of Faith:

We model Christ in our approach to restore wholeness to those impacted by sex and labor trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.


Call to Freedom brings wholeness to all individuals impacted by sex and labor trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation by navigating a healing path through our continuum of care model.


Our vision is to create a comprehensive CommUnity model of care for individuals, and support communities while educating and advocating to combat sex and labor trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

What We Do

Continuum of Care Model

Realizing the complex needs of those who have been victim to the trauma of human trafficking, Call to Freedom addresses human trafficking from all angles and is committed to be a constant throughout a client’s journey. Our Continuum of Care Model is shaped by survivors’ input to ensure holistic and meaningful care long term to every individual we serve.

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Call to Freedom is a trauma-informed nonprofit that provides comprehensive, ongoing, and coordinated support services for all individuals impacted by human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.

Call to Freedom (CTF) serves victims and survivors of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation in South Dakota through coordinating services tailored to each client. Trafficking survivors of all backgrounds, genders, and ages, receive comprehensive services, including safety assessments; housing; transportation; medical care; counseling; education and employment help; and legal advocacy. We to ensure that all clients receive healing and support—whether through addiction recovery services, housing, or court advocacy.

The scope of the problem demands coordinated, unified efforts among both the government and nongovernment sectors, as well as the local communities. By creating a strong network of frontline providers who offer safe housing, mental health counseling, medical assistance, addiction assistance, transportation and other supportive services we are able to provide holistic care to our clients.

In addition to providing direct services to those impacted by trafficking, Call to Freedom staff works in the community—including with businesses and schools—to provide education and awareness. Our goal is to increase public awareness about what human trafficking looks like, available programs, and how to make reports so that those impacted can be better identified and connected with resources.