Supporting survivors of human trafficking

Call to Freedom’s Marissa’s Housing Project is a 12 unit apartment complex that is being built to support the recovery of human trafficking survivors and keeps their families together.  The Call to Freedom housing project will meet the needs of survivors in our area who wish to receive the support of CTF during their recovery but are also focused on healthy families.

As Call to Freedom’s capacity to serve more victims has grown, so has the number of individuals served.  This correlation indicates the efficacy of Call to Freedom’s comprehensive service model.

The need for housing has outgrown the current facility and the efficiency apartments do not provide room for survivors to be rejoined with their children through recovery.  The secure complex will offer 6 one-bedroom, 3 two-bedroom, and 3 three-bedroom units for survivors and their families.

When a victim of trafficking arrives at Marissa’s House, they are given safety, confidentiality, and an opportunity to regain their life.  Often, this is the first place they have been able to call their own in a long time.  The apartments are designed ready to be occupied – fully furnished and made to be as comforting as possible to welcome them out of their trafficking situation.

Call to Freedom is partnering with Eight Days of Hope to build this new supportive housing project. 8 Days of Hope is an organization that grew out of the need to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. They are now partnering with organizations, like Call to Freedom, to build supportive housing for those coming out of human trafficking.

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