“You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.”

― William Wilberforce


Just a week after its release, Sound of Freedom had already sold almost 4 million tickets, sparking conversations and stirring people to action. The film sheds light on the issue of human trafficking, bringing it out from the shadows and into the forefront of public awareness through social media and news coverage.

While watching this film is an important initial step, we at Call to Freedom urge you not to stop at simply being aware. Joining the fight against human trafficking requires more than just knowledge.

It is essential to recognize that Sound of Freedom, being a fictional movie, has necessarily altered parts of the true story to enhance the storytelling and fit within the constraints of a film. The processes portrayed in the movie are oversimplified and cannot fully capture the complexities of the problem or the extensive work being done to combat it.

Despite some cinematic embellishments, this story stays pretty true to the essence of the message in portraying the heavy realities of child sex trafficking overseas. According to human trafficking expert Alisa Gbiorczyk, “It provided valuable insights into how victims are targeted and lured into exploitation, illustrating the manipulative tactics used in the recruitment process.” Read more about Alisa’s review of the movie here.

Steps You Can Take Today to Aid Anti Human Trafficking Efforts

Our desire is that this new uproar of attention to the horror we combat daily would be harnessed to create more advocates for change in this fight.

Will you join the call?

1. Pray for organizations and those working in this every single day.
2. Pray for buyers that their hearts and minds be opened to truth.
3. Pray for Survivors. That they find rescue, however that may be. That they find healing, restoration and peace.
4. Educate yourself on what human trafficking looks like in your community. Call to Freedom offers monthly trainings tailored to specific community sectors and how you might see trafficking in your own sphere.
5. Learn about local organizations engaged in the fight against trafficking and find ways to get involved in their efforts.
6. Share a diverse range of survivor experiences to broaden awareness about the many facets of trafficking.
7. Learn about prevention strategies including social media safety, reducing demand, identifying warning signs.

Together, we can make a difference and bring an end to this horrendous crime. Join the call and be a part of the solution.