Ever since Jodi started at Call to Freedom as the Administrative Assistant over 18 months ago, the 12th Street office has never run as smoothly.  She loves working at Call to Freedom because of the people, both internal and external, since everyone works together as a team.  She also has a desire to help, serve, and guide people in a healthy way to achieve their hopes and dreams.

She grew up as a farm girl in Eureka where she like to hunt.  In fact, she is deer hunting this fall for the first time in 30 years on her parent’s land in Eureka.  She is also going to run a half marathon in Fargo this coming Spring.  A mother of two adult girls, Jodi is now officially an empty nester except for her Manx cat, Dexter, and she is loving it!  As an avid cook and baker, Jodi loves nothing better than a steak grilled to medium rare perfection.  In her spare time, she spends lots of time with her parents and girls as life is too short not to share with your loved ones.  The most solid advice she has ever been given is to buy a plunger before you need a plunger.